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Vote for us if you want a Northern Rivers food exchange network!

Vote for Northern Rivers Commuinity Gateway in the 2018 Southern Cross Credit Union community grants.

We recently applied for a funding grant from Southern Cross Credit Union for a food exchange project and we need you to vote for us!

In case you don’t know, food exchanges are where food growers can leave their surplus produce so it doesn’t go to waste. The produce becomes publicly available for exchange with other produce and free for anyone who needs it.

They reduce food waste, encourage social connection and support people who are financially disadvantaged.

Our plan is to make five big food exchange carts and locate them throughout the Northern Rivers region. We’ll partner with local businesses to create produce and herb gardens, and then organise regular community cooking sessions using our grown and exchanged produce.

If you like the sound of this, vote for our funding application in the 2018 Southern Cross Credit Union community grants. Voting closes on 18 November 2018.

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