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Timebanking at the Northern Rivers Community Gateway!




An innovative volunteering project in the Northern Rivers!

Everyone can be part of Timebanking as everyone has something to give.

What is Timebanking?

Timebanking is a NSW government initiative and is an online platform to network and exchange services among its members. You can register as a member and list your offer/s or your need/s of a service of personal value to you. Time is the currency and it is as simple as give one hour and receive one hour. The services members offer are wide and varied. Some examples are dog walking, gardening, piano lessons, cooking, ironing…….

Organisations using volunteers in their services can join Timebanking. We would like to extend an invite to our Volunteering Northern Rivers member organisations to join Timebanking and encourage your volunteers to register. For every hour your volunteers, volunteer at your organisation they can ‘bank’ the time and use them for a service that is of personal value to them. If they don’t want to use the ‘time credit’ they can donate it to someone else.


Contact the Northern Rivers Community Gateway today, or join Timebanking now at






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