Lismore Neighbourhood Centre

Spontaneous volunteering

Potential ‘spontaneous volunteers’ are people who seek or are invited to contribute their assistance during and/or after a disaster, and who are not affiliated with recognised volunteer agencies, and may or may not have relevant training, skills or experience.   During and after the floods in Lismore last March, Northern Rivers Community Gateway and other organisations worked together to facilitate spontaneous volunteering. 

The community has shown an amazing strength and resilience and we are working with our partners right now to develop and coordinate a flood response and recovery plan to be even more ready to be mobilised should and event of such magnitude take place again.  It takes people of all skills and attributes to help in such a situation as was shown before and if you are interested in joining our programme and pool of 'spontaneous volunteers’ please click the link below to fill out a form and we will be in touch with the next steps.





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