Corporate Volunteering

Corporate/employee volunteering can be an individual or a team volunteer effort from the company.

What are the advantages for your corporation?

  • Improved visibility
  • Team building
  • Getting to know other staff better
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Improved staff morale
  • Better understanding of the community
  • Better understanding of how not for profits operate
  • Insight into problems affecting others
  • Leadership
  • Staff training
  • Improved skills/chance to learn new ones
  • Raise awareness of your business name and what you do
  • Build a positive corporate image
  • Open up new business opportunities
  • Create media interest
  • Great photo opportunities

What are the advantages for your employees?

Opportunities exist for staff at all levels, from senior staff working on the boards of not for profits (NFPs) to day-long team building opportunities.


  • Community Fellowships/Project Development assignments: Short-term placements in community organisations where the projects to be undertaken are clearly defined and is usually time specific.
  • Secondments: The employee (or retiree) works full time as a member of the staff team of the NFP with salary and expenses covered by the company. This model is often used at a time of significant career change e.g. in case of early retirement or mid-career management development.
  • Team Development Assignments: projects created by the company in close collaboration with a NFP and openly designed to meet the company’s own team building goals.
  • One to one support mentoring: The company employees take on an agreed coaching or support role for one or more individuals who would benefit from such a relationship. Those mentored can be either staff in organisations or their project beneficiaries.
  • Non-executive roles: There are a number of non-executive roles that employees can take on in a voluntary capacity: including membership of a NGO management committee; acting as a formal trustee or governor, the honorary roles of committee chair or treasurer.
  • Individual Volunteering: The Company supports the efforts of an individual employee with formal or informal acknowledgements, matched funding or time off in lieu. Employees choose a project that has a particular personal resonance.

Done in a Day Projects: local activities/events that are designed to involve all or part of the company workforce. Often used for teambuilding, breaking down barriers, boosting morale and increasing motivation. An example of this is Corporate volunteers from the Commonwealth Bank created a much-needed green space in the car park at Northern Rivers Community Gateway.

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