Connecting Families

The Connecting Families program works with vulnerable families to support and develop skills regarding parenting, attachment, and emotional or behaviour management. The program provides ongoing intensive case management, coordination, service support, counselling, and other provisions around the family to help establish a secure and stable platform from which to develop key relational and family functioning skills.

Providing tailored coordination and support around the family’s specific needs, the program provides families with the flexibility of in home support, and actively addresses engagement with fathers.

The Connecting Families program adopts the Parents under Pressure curriculum, exploring key life areas such as parental attachment, issues around health and well-being, building support networks, engaging the child in play, managing addictions and so on.

Originally developed by Professor Sharon Dawe from Griffith University and Dr Paul Harnett from the University of Queensland, the program provides a strong evidence base for working with families at risk and offers fully trained staff to work intensively with each family.

Further information on the Parents under Pressure program can be obtained from Inquiries or referrals to this service can be made by emailing, calling our Grafton service 02 6643 4726 or our Lismore service on 02 6621 7397.