Having trouble with basic living expenses?

First Step emergency relief is here for you.

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Sometimes we all have trouble making ends meet and can’t afford our own basic living expenses. Rent, mortgage, food, bills, petrol… it can all add up to seem overwhelming and impossible to get on top of.

Many casual employees have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How do they cover the cost of living while they wait for government benefits to come through? And when benefits do come through, are they enough?

Our First Step emergency relief services are here to help throughout the Northern Rivers region, from Tweed to Grafton. First Step is here to support people experiencing financial crisis.

If you’re currently living on a low income, First Step can provide support with food packages, backpack beds, vouchers for supermarket groceries, telephone bills, electricity costs, chemist prescriptions and many other basic living expenses.

First Step can provide access to our other financial support services too, such as NILS no interest loans, StepUp low interest loans, budget counselling and even problem gambling help. It can also provide access to our wider range of support services, including trauma counselling, family and parental support, child care and homelessness supports.

So if you’re trying to get by on a low income, have recently lost your job or are socially isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, get in touch with us now. We’re here to help.

Call us now on 02 6621 7397 or email hub@nrcg.org.au.

To read more about our First Step emergency relief services, visit this page.