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Make a positive difference to Someone's Day


The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) supports isolated residents in government subsidised aged care facilities. CVS aims to enrich the quality of life of residents who may feel socially isolated or lonely & who would benefit from a visit by a friendly visitor.


The CVS helps to establish links between people living in aged care homes & hostels and their local community by interviewing and recruiting volunteer visitors. When a volunteer Community Visitor is matched to visit with a resident the expectation of the service is that the volunteer will visit regularly. CVS is a federal government initiative and has been running in Lismore for over 20 years.


What do community visitors do?


As a community visitor, you are required to commit to visiting your resident friend at least once a fortnight, usually for 1 or 1.5 hours per visit.


Visits could be spent doing something that you both enjoy - you may care to read, listen to music together, chat & reminisce or watch a favourite TV program together. Maybe a short walk outside - of course the activities you undertake will depend on the health of the resident. Sharing your time and interests with a resident will help them to feel better about themselves and increase feelings of independence.


Who would you visit?


Community Visitors visit a resident who has been identified as suitable for the Scheme using target group guidelines these include residents who don't have regular contact with relatives or friends from outside the Aged Care home or hostel.  Community Visitors may visit a resident who is isolated due to cultural reasons; these & other factors are taken into account when discussing your interests and background when you make contact with the CVS coordinator.  Community Visitors find that they enjoy the friendship as much as the resident does & relationships developed are positive and mutually rewarding.


Does this role interest you?


Apply Online Or if you would like to have more information about CVS or becoming a volunteer please contact Edith or Tam on (02) 6621 7397.


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