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Reaching Out Sexual Assault Service (ROSAS)

Counselling service for adults who have experienced child sexual assault



About Childhood Sexual Abuse


Sexual assault is a crime which can happen to anyone, at any time.    


Sexual assault or abuse refers to any unwanted sexual contact or any sexual behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable, frightened or threatened.  It can include unwanted touching, being exposed to sexual acts, rape, incest/intra-familial sexual assault, and other sexual behaviours.  


Many adults experienced sexual abuse as a child believe they ‘should be over it’ because it happened in the past.  However many of the impacts of childhood sexual abuse develop or increase over time, or can also be triggered by present events.  


Common impacts of childhood sexual abuse can include:


  • sleeping difficulties / nightmares

  • fear / anxiety / panic attacks

  • depression

  • numbness

  • feeling ‘crazy’

  • intrusive memories or  other post-traumatic stress symptoms.





  • Sexual assault is a crime against the individual and the society

  • Victim/survivors have the right to be believed, heard and supported

  • Childhood sexual abuse is often perpetrated by someone that the victim/survivor knew or trusted

  • Victim/survivors are never to blame for the actions of the perpetrator

  • Both women and men can experience childhood sexual abuse

  • Childhood sexual abuse can have significant short and long term impacts on victim/survivors and their families



We provide:


  • Free and confidential long or short term face-to-face counselling to adults sexually abused as children

  • Counselling and support to non-offending family members and/or significant others

  • Outreach where access and equity issues are concerned

  • Interpreters where required



Clients Rights:


Clients have the right to:


  • Be treated with dignity and respect

  • Be given relevant and accurate information about options

  • Be heard and believed

  • Have control over their choices

  • Have confidentiality and privacy maintained, with necessary exceptions regarding risk to yourself or the safety of a child or young person

  • Be treated with sensitivity and understanding

  • Communicate in their own language, with an interpreter if necessary



Contacting Us:



Our opening hours are Monday and Tuesday, 9am to 5pm.


Phone:  02 6621 9861


Fax:    02 6620 2161


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our Counselling Service now has an online referral form

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For counselling or information about trauma and children/adolescents see: Child and Adolescent Trauma Counselling Service





A website for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse and their supporters and carers.


Information for AAAC including how survivors and their families may feel and services and programs offered by the local service provider named Heartfelt house.


Links to 24/7 telephone and online crisis counselling services and information.


A NSW government website that provides information about sexual assault, the legal process and links to the Aboriginal Women’s Sexual Assault Network.


A website that provides publications by the Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault.


A website that provides information about domestic and family violence including the effects, how to leave a violent relationship and your rights.


Information and resources for men and women about sexual assault including information sheets about on-line safety, articles, recent news and updates.


A website targeting the GLBTI community with information for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and about the myths.



For men:


A website which provides information and support to men who have been sexually abused in childhood or as an adult, to parents, family and friends.


A website which provides an online support-line, information and answers to common questions for men who were abused as children and their families and friend’s.



For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People:


A website created by the Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association that has links to resources and publications, including a discussion paper into the risks and protective factors of psychological distress among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.


A website that provides publications by the Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault with particular articles about the effect of Sexual Assault on Indigenous People.



Support for emotional wellbeing


A website that offers information about anxiety and depression. Beyondblue offers telephone support, webchat, an online-forum, facebook and twitter pages and information and resources including to specific groups such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, GLBTI and multicultural people.


A website that provides free downloads in the forms of guided meditations and academic articles about mindfulness and trauma reducing related material.



Legal information:


A NSW police website with links to information about adult sexual assault and the process of reporting to the police, including information about the online Sexual Assault Reporting Option (SARO) questionnaire.


A victim services website that provides support and information for victims of crime in NSW including counselling, compensation and to help survivors navigate their way through the legal process.


A website for people with disabilities that haslinks to resourcesand human rights information.





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