Lismore Neighbourhood Centre

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A program aimed at assisting teenagers with disabilities, corresponding to the Vacation Care Program in Lismore. 

How does this activity help?

Teenagers with disability often still require care or supervision due to their disability, when mainstream teenagers do not. Nevertheless, parents and carers of teenagers with disability find it difficult to find appropriate care as mainstream outside school hours and holiday care programs usually cater for primary school aged children.

Evidence from research, feedback from disability and carer peak bodies, the child care sector and other data sources indicate that appropriate outside school hours care is an area of very high unmet need.

The Australian Government recognises there are additional financial costs for services that deliver care for teenagers with disability. This can include specialist staffing, provision of medical or nursing care, specialist equipment and appropriate staff to child ratios.

Who will benefit from this activity?

The activity provides:

  • quality outside school hours care for students, aged 12 to 18, with disability; and
  • their parents and carers with time to work or participate in the community.

By delivering:

  • Vacation care at the Lismore Public School;
  • flexible and appropriate care; and
  • social, recreational and life skills developmental activities that are stimulating and age appropriate.


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