Lismore Neighbourhood Centre

Child and Adolescent Trauma Counselling Service

A counselling and education service for children, adolescents and families.

There are many different experiences that children and adolescents face in the course of growing up that can lead to a traumatic reaction. These may include sexual assault or experiencing family violence.

Our counselling programme uses a variety of creative and expressive therapies to address the symptoms of trauma. These include sand tray and symbol work, drawing therapy, play therapy, relaxation and mindfulness. We also provide information about the effects of trauma on our emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

Lismore Child and Adolescent Trauma Counselling Service (CATCS) is funded by the Department of Family and Community Services and provides:

  • Long or short term, individual or family counselling and support for children and adolescents who have been sexually assaulted or exposed to domestic violence. Counselling and support is also offered to their non-offending family members or carers;
  • Groups for children, adolescents and their non-offending parents or carers; Court preparation and support; and
  • Specialist consultation, information and resources related to sexual assault and domestic violence.

CATCS provides a free service for clients located in Lismore, Ballina, Byron Bay, Casino, Evans Heads, Kyogle and surrounds.

Our opening hours are Monday to Wednesday 9am to 5pm.

Phone: 02 6621 9861
Fax: 02 6620 2161
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Our Trauma Counselling Service now has an online referral form

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For adults









For children and young people:

Information and support services for children and young people.

Information by the Centre Against Child Sexual Assault for young people about relationships, sex and if it goes wrong.

Information for young people about domestic violence and sexual abuse and how and where to get help.

An online Youth Mental Health Service with factsheets, stories, forums and videos.

A website that provides information about the National Youth Mental Health Foundation. Features topics on how to support a young person who has experienced a traumatic event and grief and loss.

Sex education and help for young people.

Sex education for young people.

Information about sexual assault for young women including the definition, the myths and facts and the impacts.

A website designed by young women for young women about violence and relationships.

Modern meditations for young people both available as a website and an app.

A website with access to support forums, chat rooms, social groups and resources. In particular provides information about abuse, self-harm, depression and mental health.


The Butterfly Effect

A facebook page to help prevent suicide and self-harm.


A follow on from the butterfly project that assists creatively with issues of self-harm.


For parents and carers:


A NSW family and Communities website that provides information about the definition and the signs of child abuse and neglect and services available.


A website that provides information about child and adolescent development with information sheets for specific topics including anxiety, sexting and protective behaviours.


A site for sharing research or improving prevention, investigation and prosecuting of Child Sexual Abuse. In particular has a link to Indigenous survivors of Child Sexual Abuse.


A website that aims to educate, empower and protect children.


A website that provides articles about the emerging findings of the effects of trauma on brain development for caregivers.


A website that provides information about the Australian Childhood Foundation with features stories, training and development relevant to sexual assault.


A website that provides information to parents with the aim of the prevention of child abuse. Also has links to facebook pages, twitter and you tube in order to provide the latest news from NAPCAN


A website with information by Family Planning NSW for parents regarding sexuality, relationships and sexual assault. Particularly helpful for People with Disabilities.


A website with information by Family Planning QLD for parents regarding sexuality, relationships and sexual assault. Particularly helpful for People with Disabilities.


Online safety:


A website for children, young people and carers promoting cybersafety and digital engagement.


An Australian based website/internet safety program with specific sections for parents/teachers and young people. Topics such as “Whats cool on line”, “What can go wrong”, and “How-to guides” for safety when using apps. This site recently won the Outstanding Prevention Initiative Award during National Care and Protection Week.


An original UK based site which has further information about online safety for specific age groups from 5-16yrs. Features short films which can be downloaded by parents and teachers, and a new online training program for professionals.


An international website with information about online grooming tactics, case studies, sexting and the consequences of posting personal details.




A free app that aims to raise awareness on how to be safe when your online and using technology.


Domestic violence:


A women’s guide to understanding abuse in relationships.


A UK website about sexual assault and domestic violence with a helpful guide to digital stalking, a survivors forum and handbook.


This website provides information on domestic violence issues for LGBTIQ relationships.


This website provides information on advocacy for those affected by domestic and family violence.


Aurora Australia


A free app that provides information about the signs of domestic violence and where to access services.


For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People:


A website created by the Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association that has links to resources and publications, including a discussion paper into the risks and protective factors of psychological distress among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.


A website that provides publications by the Australian Centre for the Study of Sexual Assault with particular articles about the effect of Sexual Assault on Indigenous People.



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